s From Asia, With Love

Model Tips for Staying Healthy This Fall

Sun Fei Fei


"I try to make a healthy breakfast of eggs, cheese, and fruit in my apartment before the shows. I also grab fresh orange juice on the go. For my complexion, I visit a traditional Chinese doctor who prescribes a mask customized to my needs, with lots of different natural ingredients—it really works to keep skin healthy. Otherwise, I apply Crème de la Mer so I stay hydrated during fashion week." 

Xiao Wen Ju


"I like Chinese teas, like oolong, jasmine, and pu-erh, to help with digestion. I also like Caffe Vita coffee, which is near my apartment and kind of tastes like pu-erh tea; it helps keep your blood moving and boosts circulation. 

"I prefer to sleep instead of taking vitamins, and if I feel sick I go to the steam room. The steam helps you sweat out the toxins. Or I’ll do hot yoga and SoulCycle. You feel so energized and healthy afterward."